Odds to land the New Orleans Hornets

Jason Heim at the Bleacher Report provided odds for 10 cities to become the eventual new home of the New Orleans Hornets. While I don’t think his argument about Vancouver that “the NBA worked there before, so why couldn’t it work again?” is at all accurate, it’s still interesting to see someone compare the chances of a bunch of cities. His odds:

  • Anaheim 5 to 1
  • Seattle 8 to 1
  • Kansas City 10 to 1
  • Las Vegas 15 to 1
  • St. Louis 15 to 1
  • Chicago (a 2nd team!) 25 to 1
  • Vancouver 30 to 1
  • Pittsburgh 40 to 1
  • Louisville 50 to 1
  • Rome 200 to 1

Downtown Vancouver


About JamieVannStruth

Consulting economist based in Vancouver, BC. Specializes in local economic development, economic impact analysis, and developing analytical tools in Excel. Crunches stats in sports, movies and life.
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