One Contender Down?

One of the factors working in Vancouver’s favour as a future NBA city is that multiple current franchises are in financial distress and may be looking for a new home. Most of the recent commotion has associated the New Orleans Hornets with Vancouver, simply because the NBA has taken ownership of that team.

But another team that I’ve considered a possibility for Vancouver is the Sacramento Kings, who have been trying for years to get a new building to replace Arco Arena. And now comes newsfrom ESPN’s Marc Stein that the Kings may be considering a move to Anaheim as early as next season.The team would play in the Honda Center, which is owned, along with the NHL Anaheim Ducks, by Henry Samueli. Anaheim is one of the cities, along with Kansas City, Pittsburgh and Tampa (and Vancouver), that have new arenas suitable for an NBA franchise.

There is a deadline of March 1 for the Kings to apply to move for next season. If this occurs, that’s one fewer contender to move to Vancouver.


About JamieVannStruth

Consulting economist based in Vancouver, BC. Specializes in local economic development, economic impact analysis, and developing analytical tools in Excel. Crunches stats in sports, movies and life.
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