Scratch the Pistons, for now

The Detroit Pistons have been purchased by a wealthy Michigan native, Tom Gores. This appears to secure the team’s future in Detroit, at least for now.

They continue to play in the Palace of Auburn Hills in the Detroit suburb of Auburn Hills, which is regarded by some as the worst arena in the league (at least for the fan experience – it probably isn’t the worst financially). There is some hope the team will move back into downtown Detroit, possibly in a new building with the Red Wings, but that’s just a dream at this point.

My updated list of most likely teams to move to Vancouver:

1. New Orleans Hornets (because they are owned by the NBA and nothing has been settled in New Orleans).

2. Charlotte Bobcats (terrible arena, terrible local support, not the strongest ownership).

3. Milwaukee Bucks (smaller market, older building)

Other possibilities might include Indiana (not great shape financially, but a great new building) and Sacramento (if something falls apart in their planned move to Anaheim).


About JamieVannStruth

Consulting economist based in Vancouver, BC. Specializes in local economic development, economic impact analysis, and developing analytical tools in Excel. Crunches stats in sports, movies and life.
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