Tony Gallagher’s take

Tony Gallagher has been writing in Vancouver since the stone tablet days but is one of the few local scribes with a real interest in the NBA. He frequently writes on the Steve Nash situation in Phoenix and has been a big supporter of amateur basketball through the years.

Tony raises a couple points I hadn’t seen before – speculating on potential minority investors in a team (with the assumption that the Aquilini family would be the majority owners). He also emphasizes the need to ignore any advice the NBA provides on possible general managers, lest the Stu Jackson disaster be repeated.

Having a more successful product in a non-traditional basketball market like Vancouver is clearly needed to help a new team sink roots into the community. There is a clear parallel here with the NHL’s move into the non-traditional markets in the southern US, where abysmal franchises like Atlanta and Florida have never gained traction, but a team like Dallas that was successful right away and won a Stanley Cup is regarded as a stronger market.

Overall Tony appears optimistic that Vancouver will get a 2nd chance.


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Consulting economist based in Vancouver, BC. Specializes in local economic development, economic impact analysis, and developing analytical tools in Excel. Crunches stats in sports, movies and life.
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